Laptop Repair

At Barking Computers, our goal is to make resolving your laptop mishap the most pleasant and stress free experience possible. We provide expert hardware and software repair services for most computer systems and laptop brands to include: Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Samsung, Sony and Asus. We offer a variety of computer repair services to include but not limited to: Windows 10 and Mac OSX Operating System repair, laptop screen & keyboard replacement, data recovery and file transfer, virus and malware removal, Windows password recovery, memory and hard drive upgrades, software/operating system rebuilds and home networking & WiFi installation services.
Desktop Repair
The desktop computer is the mainstay of computing. Once it comes to contemporary computers, the desktop is the powerhouse by which other styles are in comparison. Because of the large case, the desktop can fit more airflow and cooling components within it, which in turn allows for more efficient processors and memory to be used. Heat is the key problem for computer systems, and with ample space to handle that heat, the desktop is always on the leading edge of new technology. As soon as that new design card or new processor chips comes out, you can be certain someone is updating it within their desktop.

  • Your desktop computer is slower than usual.
  • You are unable to connect to the internet with your desktop.
  • Advertisements are appearing on your screen.
  • You see the “Blue Screen of Death” regularly.
  • Your desktop computer overheats regularly.
  • You hear beeping from your desktop computer.