PC Recycle

Recycle your old PC

Recycling & data destruction

  • We pay for redundant IT equipment.
  • Free collection service.
  • Free data destruction.

When you’re finished with your old laptop, Mac PC or Laptop or computer, don’t just put it in the rubbish. Be sure you recycle it properly, including safely taking away any personal data on your computer’s hard drive.

Recycling a vintage computer can be relatively straightforward. When you get a new electric powered item like a Laptop or computer or laptop, the shop you get from is legally bound to help you properly and responsibly get rid of that you are changing.

In practice, which means that stores should either:

  • give a free, waiting for you, take-back service for your old item when you get a fresh version.
  • set up an alternative solution, free take-back service.

If owner cannot provide either of these, they must lead to the expense of local recycling services.

Whichever service a shop provides, they need to provide free written information, including information on the service, how electrical power equipment can be used again and recycled, and just why electrical items have to be segregated from other home rubbish. The info that sellers provide range from posters in-store, online information or published leaflets.

But if you cannot use a retailer’s recycling system, there are many other choices, which we make clear below. We also describe how to clean your individual data from your old laptop or Personal computer before you get rid of it.

Sell your old Pc

Sell, Trade Your old Pc.

We buy used and even broken tablets, laptops and computers. Things you need to do before selling your old PC

  • Backup your old PC.
  • Secure erase everything on your old PC.
  • Sell your old PC