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5 Reasons why should business have a computer network:

FILE SHARING – A network allows visitors to access files, images, music, and other resources that are stored remotely or on an onsite machine.

DEVICE SHARING – With a network, you can also share peripherals, such as printers and scanners. For instance, you can buy one network-ready printer and allow all network stations to gain access to it. No need to purchase a printer for each and every computer station.

MAXIMIZE BANDWIDTH – A highly effective IT network installation allows sharing of a single internet broadband interconnection between multiple computers and users.

MAXIMIZE PROFICIENCY – A computer network helps you get the most out of your computer systems and peripheral devices. In other words, with a network, you get more bang for your IT buck.

STREAMLINE WORKFLOW – Network is becoming essential when it comes to running a little or medium sized business. But setting up a new much more growing an existing one can get complicated. That’s why you need expert computer networking help.

Setting up a business network requires a lot decision-making.

If you are using more than 3 Computers? – As a rule, a network using more than three computers needs a server to run efficiently. What type of server will you need? Will you need more than one? Or perhaps will you run all or nearly all of your services from the cloud?

Connected through wire or Wireless? – Will certainly use wireless or wired networking equipment? Raising numbers of businesses are opting to go wireless and avoid all the cables and hard-wiring used for wired solutions. However cabled networking is still very reliable, costs less, and has faster connection rates of speed.

Security – After your network is setup, you’ll need to secure it by configuring security settings in the router or operating-system. You’ll want to use Windows and network accounts settings to limit privileges for some users and expand rights individuals. It can be important to set up firewalls and Internet security too.

Will you be Hack Proof? – How can you protect your network from hackers, viruses, malware, and other outside attacks?


These types of represent only a few of the many choices you’ll have to make if you attempt to do everything yourself. In Barking Computers, our experts take the guesswork out of technology planning. We’ll provide you with the computer networking support you deserve by helping you develop a plan that best suits your requirements, your preferences and budget.