About us

Barking Computers LTD is London based company located in the heart of Barking Town Centre. We are providing computers services, internet and printing services in the town for the last 10 years.

Barking computers is focused on helping technology users of most experience levels have more from the hardware and software that’s central to a PC-centric world. We concentrate on:

  • Mainstream PCs
  • Gaming Computers and accessories, design cards, and Personal computer games.
  • The latest potato chips from Intel, AMD and Nvidia.
  • Wireless routers, SSDs, keyboards, mice and other Laptop or computer components and accessories.
  • House windows, Office and other essential Personal computer applications and resources, from efficiency to security

With outstanding product knowledge built from years within the consumer technology industry, Barking computers is uniquely located to inform savvy users what things to buy and the way to get more off their purchases.